Most small towns and cities have airports or airstrips that are accessible by our aircraft.  Chartering a flight allows the customer to travel on their time directly to their destination saving time and avoiding the unpleasantries of airlines and driving.  We can get you to those out of the way places that are so common in the west and especially Idaho.

Our Cessna 210s offer economical transport for 3-4 people on long flights and on shorter flights can carry up to 5 people.  This is an excellent aircraft for the cost conscious flyer, however it is limited to good weather.  We will fly passengers at night to some locations, but prefer to do this in the twin engine Cessna 340.

For the passengers that prefer the added safety of the second engine and the comfort of cabin class seating and pressurization, this is the aircraft for the job.  If seating 3-4 people this airplane is ideal for longer flights throughout the West.  The second engine and extra equipment will allow the 340 to comfortably fly at night and in most weather conditions.

Charter flights allow you to avoid security lines, long layovers with hotels and rental car costs.  You can fly directly to your work location and come back home or go to another job that same day by chartering a flight with SP Aircraft.