Air charter flight requires dedication, passion, and attention to detail. All of our pilots are experienced commercial backcountry and air charter pilots.  Many of them are certified flight instructors as well. Our maintenance staff and mechanics keep our aircraft safe and ready 24 hours a day since air charter operates around the clock.  And best of all, we have fantastic and dedicated support staff who hold everything together.

Andy Patrick
// Owner/Pilot

Andy is the owner of SP Aircraft. He took the business over with the unfortunate passing of Scott. Andy grew up riding and flying around in the Idaho backcountry. He has significant time flying in the Idaho backcountry. Andy also has had the opportunity to deliver aircraft all over the world. He has flown small aircraft to South and Central America. He has also crossed the pacific ocean in a small aircraft by island hopping. Andy enjoys flying wide variety of aircraft. Especially enjoys the challenges of Idaho aviation.  He often, when room permits, will bring a family member along as his dad did with him and his siblings.

William Foote
// Director of Operations/Pilot

Like all of SP Aircraft’s pilots, William takes flying very seriously.  He is a Certified Gold Seal Flight Instructor CFI, MEI and CFII, Commercial Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) and Sea (ASES), Airplane Multi Engine Land (AMEL) and Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) Certificates and also an ATP. He has over 4000 hours of flight experience with 2000 hours of dual given, is a designated FAA Pilot Safety Counselor and is active in several flying organizations. He is a check airman and Chief Pilot for SP Aircraft, so that any pilot employed by SP is vetted to William’s extremely high standards. When he’s not having way too much fun flying passengers into Idaho’s amazing backcountry airstrips and flying executive charters all over the country you will find him in the hangar restoring his Skywagon.

Marisa Blankenship
// Book Keeper

Marissa has more experience working for SP Aircraft than any other employee.  Marissa was Andy’s babysitter when he was little and then went on to work for Scott as the office manager and book keeper.  Marissa has an accounting degree from Boise State University.  She took a hiatus for several years to raise and home school her kids.  She has come back part time to assist SP Aircraft in keeping our books straight.  She also almost got her pilots license before she went on to pursue her real passion of being a wonderful mom.  Marissa is only in once or twice a week, so if you have an immediate bookkeeping concern, send a message or call for Andy.

Kyle Green
// Station Manager

Kyle is funny and a great presence when our guests arrive for their flight. If you call to make a reservation, for rates, or looking for a aircraft part, you will probably talk to Kyle first. Kyle is an instrument rated commercial pilot. He has rebuilt a 1955 Cessna 170B and most recently installed more horsepower with a bigger prop!

Trevor Davidson
// Director of Maintenance, A&P/IA Mechanic

Trevor Davidson grew up in Hailey, ID next to Friedman Memorial Airport and has been interested in airplanes since he was very young. He went to college at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology in 2012. After graduating he realized how awesome Idaho was and moved back. He was hired right away at Jetstream Aviation where he got his experience working on single and twin engine, piston and turboprop aircraft. He worked there for 4 years and relocated across Gowen Field to work with SP Aircraft as an A&P/IA. He is currently SP’s Director of Maintenance. While at Jetstream, he earned his private pilot license and now currently holds his Instrument and Commercial ratings. With a few more hours to gain, he will be a line pilot for SP Aircraft. Trevor is a huge asset to SP Aircraft and Ponderosa Aero Club. Be sure to introduce yourself as you walk through the hangar. He also rebuilt a 1967 Mooney which he owns and flies. Trevor is approachable and eager to share his knowledge of flying and fixing aircraft!

Jamie Boesiger
// Chief Pilot

Jamie Boesiger, CFII is a third generation pilot who grew up flying the Idaho skies with her Dad however she didn’t earn her ticket until 2001. Her love of aviation grew while earning her private and instrument rating over the Outer Banks of North Carolina while working as an engineer. After returning home she honed her skills in the backcountry and recently signed on as a backcountry charter pilot for SP Aircraft. Jamie has over 1000 hours flying single engine aircraft and loves to instill her passion for aviation in her students. Jamie is the proud owner of a Cessna Turbo 206.

Brent Seid
// Pilot

Brent was born and raised in Boise. He left to pursue his professional aviation career in Florida and then transitioned to professional bush flying in Alaska. He is a highly experienced instrument rated commercial pilot who has flown numerous different types of aircraft including jets, multi-engine and tail wheel airplanes. Additionally, he is a certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. For the past three years he’s split his time between SP Aircraft and an air charter operator based in Bethel, Alaska. Effective this season however he’s excited to be flying exclusively for SP Aircraft with their talented crew. When Brent’s not taking great care of his passengers he enjoys exploring the Idaho backcountry and rebuilding vintage aircraft. And if he’s in the right mood, he’ll even sing for you…

Matt Conklin
// Pilot

Matt Conklin is an exceptional pilot.  He flies when available for SP Aircraft.  He has several professions and he is a perfectionist at all of them.  He owns a few of his own aircraft. Some of his flying accomplishments include racing at the Reno Air Races with his Cassut race plane and competing in the Valdez May Day Fly-In Short Field Competition with his Cessna 180. We won’t mention how he did; just that he excels at everything he tries.  Matt has experience flying all over the United States and Canada including Alaska.  He flies all year long in the Idaho backcountry in his aircraft equipped with skis for snow operations.  He also puts his aircraft on floats when he gets the chance.  Adding to his skills, Matt is a certified flight instructor and is more than happy to explain all aspects of aviation as you fly with him.

Rick Rierson
// Pilot

Rick Rierson has been flying in Idaho since he was 16.  He is the Chief Flight Instructor at Ponderosa Aero Club as well as a charter pilot for SP Aircraft.  He is an expert backcountry pilot and frequently gives seminars on backcountry flying and safety.  Rick’s passion is the backcountry and can tell many interesting, strange and humorous stories about Idaho and the backcountry airstrips and the people who enjoy them.

// Shop Guard Dog

Weebit is the shop dog when she comes in.  She is a large Newfoundland.  Her best defense is laying in the middle of the hangar.  Even though she is huge, she is so docile that she goes unnoticed until you trip over her.  She loves being pet – just watch out for her mouth as it carries a fair amount of drool.  She is easily startled and has a loud bark but once you pet her she won’t forget you. Occasionally she rides along on flights and never asks “are we there yet?”.